Voices Collection
[Collaboration with St. Helena Public Library]

St. Helena Public Library, Voices Collection, Holly Hubbard Preston

Established in June 2021, the St. Helena Public Library’s Voices Collection is the result of a collaborative effort between Holly Hubbard Preston, three librarians, a team of local booksellers and a well-placed literary muse from Brooklyn, New York. Created to bridge the gap between historically underrepresented readers and writers, the collection endeavors to offer something for everyone, regardless of color, class, gender, belief or ability.

With 300 titles and growing, the books in this collection speak to every possible lived experience. Imagined and funded by Holly, local author and longtime library patron, the collection will serve as a springboard for future programming and further literary acquisitions—all with the aim of fostering broader community representation and understanding.

St. Helena Public Library project, Holly Hubbard Preston

Coming soon, an essay about the Brooklyn-based muse that teamed Holly together with her local library and favorite indie bookseller in order to create a library collection that would leave no reader—or writer behind. 

For more information about the St. Helena Public Library and its non-profit, Friends & Foundation, click here.

If you find yourself in the Napa Valley be sure to visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, conveniently located alongside the St. Helena Public Library. For more information. Situated near the place where Stevenson wrote Silverado Squatters and also honeymooned, the museum features a permanent collection that includes the author’s personal library, letters and manuscripts.

“I’ve met so many worthwhile people within the pages of a book, I’ve lost count. With each encounter I am changed for the better by these characters, real and imagined, who speak of places and times and experiences so different from my own.”

Holly Hubbard Preston, Bookplate Quote, St. Helena Public Library Voices Collection